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Beating The Heat With The Right Air Conditioning

  Anybody who has been through a summer here will know that the Texas heat is not a joke. It can bear down on you literally making you feel like you are melting in your own clothes. A comfortable air conditioned home is what everybody aims to have. After all, you will be able to

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3 HVAC Service Options to Expect from your Dealer

Owning a home is a very big responsibility. Usually first time home owners do not understand the full scope of home ownership. Of course, owning a home is an exciting time and will include decorating and house warming parties but owning a home is much more. There are systems of comfort that need to be

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Save Money on Your Monthly Cooling Bill With These AC System Tips

When the summer time comes around, you want to make sure that your house is cool and that you can remain comfortable. This is going to come at a price, of course. You will find that the more you use your air conditioning, the higher your electricity bills are going to be. In order to

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AC Basics – Top 5 Need-To-Know Parts of your AC System

Air Conditioning units run on a basic but brilliant law of Physics called “Phase inversion”, which states that when a liquid converts into a gas, it absorbs heat. This is how Air Conditioning units work at its most simplified level. AC units contain a chemical compound known as a refrigerant, and pump this compound through

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History of Air Conditioning


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4 Green Solutions for a Cool Summer

Staying cool this summer does not mean you have to sacrifice being green and eco-friendly. You are able to keep your energy bill lowered and also be able to keep the environment safe as well by following these tips. Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are an economical ways to help the environment while also keeping your

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Can I Afford To Replace My Air Conditioning System?

If you are looking to buy a new air conditioning unit, there are certain things you might come across and much more to consider. This type of purchase will not come easy as you will find many different models and styles out there to choose from. Not to mention it is a huge home investment

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5 Step Maintenance Checklist for your Home Cooling System

Keeping your home cool is important during the summer months. It is essential that you check your air conditioning unit and also take proper steps to maintain it and keep it clean. Performing regular maintenance on your unit will ensure that it stays working properly and keeps your home cool. Follow this checklist below and