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Common Causes of Overheating in Air Conditioning Units

There are many reasons that can cause an air conditioning unit to overheat. A complicated machine with a lot of different parts tends to experience issues after a while. Luckily, there are just as many solutions as there are causes of problems. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most common sources

Spring Maintenance for Your Heater and Air Conditioner

Spring is arriving shortly so it’s important to start working on your spring home maintenance checklist. As an air conditioner repair expert, AB & B Air Conditioning and Heating recommends making sure that your HVAC system is in good condition before the season begins. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Spring is a Great Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to take care of your home, so don’t forget to include your heating and air conditioning system in your maintenance checklist. As the leading choice for A/C, indoor air quality and heating services in our area, we recommend adding these tasks to your spring cleaning task list:

Common Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Even with regular maintenance, various components of your air conditioning system may still fail due to constant use. To avoid costly repairs, homeowners need to be vigilant in looking for signs of disrepair to keep their air conditioning systems in peak condition. These are the common air conditioner problems you should look out for and

Home Improvement Guide

The Ultimate New Year’s Home Improvement Guide

Everyone loves to make improvements to their homes, but oftentimes money or time stands in the way. This new year, make it a point to focus on bettering your home. Not only will your home look great once you’ve completed your projects, but you’ll also feel great about the new upgrades, making your home more

Austin Winter Events

6 Awesome Winter Events Coming to Austin

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s an exciting time to be an Austin resident. While Austin may be well-known for its year-round music events, the city also has some pretty cool stuff going on during the winter time. We’ve put together a list of our favorite winter events that you can check out

Common Home Heating Myths

3 Common Myths About Home Heating

Fall is here, and winter is just around the corner! This means it’s time to get ready for cooler temperatures in Austin, TX. As homeowners start turning up the heat, it’s important to keep in mind best practices for using your home heating system. That’s why we’ve put together some common home heating myths to

Best Cooling System for Home

What’s the Best Cooling System for My Home?

Are you considering making an upgrade to your home’s cooling system, but aren’t sure what is the best choice for your home? If it’s been awhile since you last purchased an A/C, you may be pleasantly surprised with the current, more energy efficient, options available to homeowners. If energy savings is important to you, then

how to clean indoor air

How to Breathe Easy at Home This Summer

Summer is on its way and homeowners are preparing their air conditioning units in anticipation of the coming heat. While the units are a great help when it comes to staving off the heat, using them also means the air that you breathe is limited to what is inside your home. The following are really